About Us


MichaelConnorsAntiques.com is a site I started a few years ago out of my passion for helping people design and implement their perfect home.

Unfortunately, we had a problem with the website last year, and lost almost all of the information we had put up! So, this is round two, and I hope to be able to keep putting up valuable information for homeowners in the future.

Despite the name being about antiques, my interest is not just about home furnishing and interior design, but extends to all areas of home improvement and everything it takes to make a house feel like a home.

I love talking about construction or remodeling ideas for different areas of the house, as well as garden and landscaping design, and more modern ideas like making your home weather proof and using energy conservation or sustainable energy practices.

I hope you’ll find the information as fun and informative as I do!

Contact us to learn more or to ask any question you might have!